Mafia Island is a small island 15 kilometers of fthe coast of Tanzania Africa.  Previously a penal colony, the Island with about a population of 40,000 is about the size of Zanzibaar and is predominiately Muslim.  We support five small churches that have been struggling to exist for the last 20 years. There are no paved roads except for the small runway recently paved by the U.S. 
Mafia Building and Planting
Each church was built by making thier own bricks from the sand. Almost all material has to be shipped from Dar Es Salaam, including much food. To aid the communities we have helped them built a Green House so that they are able to grow many of their own vegetables. Currently we are assisting in the development of a Medical Center to provide fast and effective medical help to save lives.

In Malisheve there is a small church of around 30 believers in an area of 50,000.  Most of these came to faith as small children directly after the war with Serbia. The current pastor of the church we support is the first local pastor in 500 years in this area which is predominately Muslim. Unemployment is around 70% so we help many poor familes and orphans receive firewood in the winter to keep warm.  There are many with physical ailments so our Missions Teams visit villages to pray for the sick and many are miraculously healed! 

FIRESTARTERS in German speaking Countries

FIRESTARTERS konzentriert sich auf die grundlegenden Kernwerte des Königreichs Gottes, die einen modernen Erwecker auszeichnen – jemanden, der Gott repräsentiert: Leidenschaft entfachen, der Bestimmung nachjagen und Kraft freisetzen.

In diesem Kurs liegt der Schwerpunkt darauf, dir zu helfen, das Feuer und die Leidenschaft des Vaters zu erleben. Dies wird sichtbar durch Zeichen und Wunder, prophetische Eindrücke und Heilungen, und das bringt dich immer weiter in deine Berufung hinein: Erweckung zu leben.